Dario Gatto is an Italian pianist and composer.

In March 2018, Dario released his first Classical album Piano Music containing music by Chopin and three première world recordings: Les Ruines De Hapsal Op. 174 by A. Kontski, La Pastorella Op. 21 No. 6 by E. Nevin, and Berceuse Op. 18 No. 4 by G. Merkel.

In March 2020, he released a second album Piano Lullabies Baby Sleep Music containing music by Chopin, Brahms, Lange, Flies, Satie and Schubert. It is a collection of soothing music pieces.

In December 2020, he released a third album Christmas Piano containing very known Christmas songs and his own original composition: New Year’s Song.

In September 2021, he released a single Among Us his original composition.

In October 2022, he released two new Albums: the first Lullabies 1-30 is a collection of original compositions for piano composed by Dario Gatto and dedicated to his son.

The second Album Times of the Days has a variety of emotional sounds that everyone could feel as their own in these days.