Chopin: Mazurka Op.7 No.4

chopin 6--U15041709035UhG-545x686.jpegThe last of the mazurkas from opus 7 in A flat major is:  […an unquestionable cliché of folk music…Tadeusz Zieliński wrote that this Mazurka was ‘taken note for note from folklore’] according to professor Mieczysław Tomaszewski This Mazurka was dedicated to Paul Emile Johns, a composer, known as the first who performed a Beethoven piano concerto in the United States, in New Orleans in 1819. He was Chopin’s friend, born in Krakow in 1798, but nobody knows where did they meet. Chopin is known to have had contact with at least two New Orleans musicians—Paul Emile Johns and Louis Moreau Gottschalk.

Thank you and good listening!


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